Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flag this

Today was the last meeting just prior to the conference. There is a lot to be done still; but it was nice to finally get the entire team - hmmm, come to think of it, not really the entire team, but a great deal of the entire team together. The reports were good, the numbers are more than we expected, the budgets have come through though we had at one point panicked that the funds might not be enough, and of course, the small things that usually end up making everyone run around helter skelter were all done, wrapped up and delivered. In fact, the person responsible for the flags was waiting for us to finish so that he can get the proper dimensions of the flag he was to make. (We chose the smaller ones).

Now tomorrow is to ensure that all parties that have registered who are in Kenya make their payment- we don’t want to be overwhelmed on Sunday.
Now my next stop is the Children's Village tomorrow morning.

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