Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A hectic weekend

It’s Sunday Morning, and I feel like my weekend has already passed me by! I have been working at SOS Children’s Villages these past three days. It’s always a joy to be where the children are, and it always seems like there is never enough time to simply be with them.

On Thursday Morning, I was working from the SOS Children’s Village in Nairobi, where two students who are on a research mission had requested time with me to share thoughts regarding the SOS Children’s Village Programme as a model for an alternative option in Family Based Care. We had some very interesting discussions culminating at the fact that the Conference being held in Nairobi is for Family Based Care, The students were very happy to hear that I was on the organizing committee because there was some information that they said was not very clear on the website. After promising to email them the registration form and the conference updates, I proceeded to the SOS Kindergarten hall to check out the piano.

The SOS Music Club is about to be revived! The upright piano that stands in the Kindergarten is due for repair allowing the village children who have a thing for music to explore their artistic side. Mr. Wabara, the Village Director - who will also be presenting a seminar on Tuesday 29th September at the conference - showed me the issues raised by the piano tuner who had come to the village to check out the old whistler. A lot of work needs to be done, clearly, especially as rodents have begun to gnaw the piano very well,

At 7.25p.m, I was at the airport, to pick up the Lead Trainers for the workshop being held at the SOS Regional Training and Resource Centre starting from next week Monday 21st September. The plane was delayed and we ended up leaving the airport for the RTRC close to midnight. To cut a long story short, let us just say that I finally hit the pillow at about 0130hrs, with the thought of getting up in the next four and a half hours to go back to the airport.

This time, I was outward bound - off to Eldoret for a weekend assignment. Eldoret was lovely; do remind me to tell you of my two day mission there. I returned to Nairobi on Saturday night and proceeded to make a sumptuous meal for my family- ugali (local maize dish) and stewed nyama (meat). It was not until I was full that the entire fatigue of the past three days flooded me like a swamp. I simply took everything to the kitchen and headed straight to bed. Only to be woken by the ringing telephone on a fine Sunday morning. I was happy for the inadvertent wake up call as I had clearly slept right through the alarm clock. I will make it in good time to Maggie’s’ church where I will be going today to watch her speak.

My joy however was short lived as I listened intently to the voice on the other side of the phone. It’s from the Lead Trainer at the RTRC “Hey Roseanne, Sorry to disturb you but one of the participants was supposed to check in at 0145hrs but there is no sign of her; what could have happened?” How would I know what would have happened, I mused as I collected my thoughts to address this panic inducing information that suggests that one of the guests might be stuck at the airport… Work continues.

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