Thursday, September 17, 2009

Technology fails but cosmic alignment does not

I hear my mobile phone ringing and I know it’s something else that needs to be done. Today we have had trouble with the internet connectivity, so many of the things to be done ended up being communicated by phone.

A lady interested in rapporteuring called me for directions to the Conference Secretariat, and before that, I’d tried to speak with Stephen - a fellow committee member- regarding an email that he had sent at about 7.a.m. Clearly, people are posting early mornings these days. After leaving it unanswered, I decided to send him a text to let him know that the programme visit he’d requested for one of the delegates would be arranged.

I needed to do this and get it done with, because I have realized that my scheduling has lately been failing me. For instance, yesterday I got an email from my colleague Beatrice who is working on the Skillful Parenting Experts Meeting to be held in Nairobi around the same time as the Conference. I read through Beatrice’s email and realized that there are several areas of convergence with discussions that we anticipate will take place at The Conference.

Consider this statement from their background literature that caught my eye and got me thinking about the interrelatedness of these two meetings that will take place in Nairobi in the exact same week: “… what experiences and core elements are to be considered in developing a parenting programme that is relevant to the African context?”

I thought to myself: discussions about the different forms of interventions in Family Based Care, which is one of the sub themes of the conference, would be a fertile fishing ground for African contexts that would benefit from a parenting programme!” In fact, even now, as I write, I am not only reminded that I should send that email, but also that all efforts that are directed towards the Best Interest of the Child are always interconnected, one with another. Would this be coincidental? Hmmm.

I read something somewhere that said “Our children are sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself” and for me, such “coincidences” serve to remind me of this statement. That there are so many organizations working for the realization of care and protection for children, from all angles, meeting in Nairobi on the week of 28th September is like a sign telling us that much will be realized for the children of Africa during this week. I like to look at it as one of those things about “cosmic alignment” only that this one presents itself for the benefit of children. If only we are open enough to realize the opportunity before us and to use it for the benefit of our children! And I know that we all are: as individuals and as the organizations that we represent.

I turn aside to return a call, and return to find that the internet is up again, and with it, a mini El Nino of mail in my inbox. Ok, let’s see… who needs what? Work continues.

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