Monday, September 28, 2009

Tomorrow's the big day!

Tonight's the night before the Big day! I am feeling very low and depressed I called my partner and we had a bit of a banter on the phone and it felt better.

The day's been busy, I was up as usual at the crack of dawn (or was it at the break of day?) and rushed for the early morning service in Church, meanwhile I left my son at the Sunken Parking in Nairobi under the care of his coach; he's taken up rollerblading and he is very excited about it. I returned from church and joined him for a while. After a couple of heavy falls on unforgiving tarmac that shook my entire being-including my brains- I realised I first needed serious practice before I can join the kids.

Gerich Roller Skating Kenya is a relatively new outfit that has for its mission the introduction of roller skating as a sport in Kenya. It;s still new and there are many young boys and girls who have found their passion in this activity, and upon closer interraction, I realise several were actually in care situations. Hmmm, I think Gerich could be an interesting partner for caregivers in family based care... I make a mental note to follow this up in October.

I then rushed to the venue of the conference, It was mayhem. my colleague Ngendo was having a hard time setting up our booth - she was alone at the time - and my arrival was welcome. Together we made good progress. The Village Director Mr. Wabara drove all the way from the village to bring us the banner - God bless you mightily - and our friend Sawsen was an honest critic to the outcome. This teamwork led to very good results- until the masking tape got finished! By this time my son had called and needed to be picked as it had started drizzling, and I rushed to get him and realized that he had lost his shoes, so he stayed back in the car (and sleep took him as he was exhausted.)

I went back into the venue briefly and helped where I could which unfortunately I believe was not much. Suddenly I was fatigued. But at least everything's in order.

Tomorrow's the big day!

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