Friday, September 25, 2009

A taste of honey...

It suddenly felt very strange, as if whoever said that “we should be careful what we wish for” was actually this warm gentleman sitting across from me this afternoon at about half past two!

I had just left the ANPPCAN offices where the committee meeting had been held, and as I was in the neighbourhood, I decided to drop in at the SOS Children’s Villages National Office. I was to check with Virginia (the pleasant lady in charge of communications), about the materials to be included in the conference bag.

Virginia was not in the office, and so I went to look for her colleague and my good friend Anthony. Indeed I found him at his desk, and we were happy to see each other even though it was unplanned and only for a while. We filled each other in on what has been happening and we had a couple of laughs.

As I was leaving, he called me back and said to me - I would like to offer you this. Upon closer scrutiny, I saw that it was a jarful of pure, unadulterated honey from his own combs in the countryside. A smile crept up to the corners of my mouth and stayed there even long after I had thanked him and told him he must’ve been listening in on my prayer for this morning… otherwise how do you explain such a coincidence?

Getting exactly what you asked for not even 24 hours since your request! Needless to say,my throat is well lubricated and I have a sweet taste that is left in my mouth. I can talk!

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